Power information
Effects Move objects and individuals with mind's power.
Trigger Anger
Alignment Neutral
Category Active Power

Telekinesis is the powerful magical ability to move objects and individual with oneself's mind. It can be channeled by various ways, and can be possessed by good, evil or neutral beings. Telekinesis is also the first of three Warren powers.


Telekinesis can be activated by:

  • Squinting one's eyes
  • Wave or flick one's hand or fingers


Most of the users initially channel telekinesis through eyes, by squinting them while being focused on the target. With further power development, the user of telekinesis will be able to move desired object or individual without disrupting certain kind of powers, such as Molecular Immobilization. However, channeling telekinesis through eyes cannot deviate attacks, which is one of limitations.

Another way to channel this ability is through hands, which is the product of a further power development. Channeling the power through hands empowers the user to lift or move heavier objects, or send a single demon flying only by flick of fingers.

After mastering both ways of channeling, the user can use them by will, for example, when user's hands are bound, user can still channel telekinesis through eyes.

Abilities Developed from TelekinesisEdit

Telekinetic LevitationEdit

Some skilled telekinetic beings can propel themselves in the air and hover for a while, but not being able to sustain in the air for a longer period of time.

Simulating Levitation is also useful defensive ability. For example, when jumping off a high place, the user can input telekinesis to land unharmed.


Agility is the ability to provide oneself with superhuman speed and reflexes. Telekinetic agility allows the users to perform some acrobatic feats with little no effort.

Agility through telekinesis also can be used to enhance oneself's athletic maneuvers, which increases the fatality of attacks.

Strangulation and CrushingEdit

Strangulation and Crushing are the abilities that can be achieved through telekinesis, allowing the users to squash one's skull or crush heart, or any other organ.

Both Chris and Wyatt have displayed those abilities and revealed the great control over these.


Advanced TelekinesisEdit

Advancement Of Telekinesis

Telekinetic wave as a product of advancement of normal Telekinesis.

Advanced Telekinesis is an extreme advancement of regular Telekinesis. With this advancement, the power can take combustive effects by stimulating the heat molecules while moving objects, which leads to explosion of the object.

Advanced Telekinesis also provides the user with strength to move or lift heavier objects such as cars or massive boulders, or even send objects hundreds of miles away from the place.

Similar PowersEdit


The ability to will an objects into oneself's hands. This ability is often possessed by beings who have a connection with some weapon, such as swords, wands, or even ingredients of Pandora's Box.

Telekinetic OrbingEdit

The ability to teleport and move objects through use of orbs. The power is unique to whitelighter hybrids. When the user wants to activate the power, they will have to state object's name and the object will then disappear in orbs and appear to user's hands or any desired place.

List of UsersEdit

Witches Demons Various Beings

Melinda Warren, Penny Halliwell, Prue Halliwell, Wyatt Halliwell, Chris Halliwell, Brianna Warren, Lestat Halliwell, Adam

The Source of All Evil, Bacarra, Abraxas, Barbas

Some Whitelighters, Elders, Whitelighter-Witches, Valkyries, Gods, Angel of Death, Cupids