Demon Vanquish
Rodriguez getting vanquished for the second time.
I Can't Get No Resurrection
Date September 16, 2006
Seasons 9
Episode I Can't Get No Resurrection
Previous Episode Cupid is a Dancer
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I Can't Get No Resurrection is the second episode of a new season that features Halliwell's progeny.


For a complete plot of I Can't Get No Resurrection, go here.

Wyatt is flipping through the Book of Shadows to find if there is anything about resurrecting evils vanquished, since he got attacked by one of them, and all of those evils are actually ones that The Charmed Ones have already vanquished. While Wyatt is trying to deal with resurrection problem, Elena receives an invitation from Patricia's Art School due to her inappropriate behavior.


  • Halliwell Family — (Patricia, Wyatt, Elena).
  • Various resurrected demons (The Crone, Nigel, Tuatha, Rodriguez, Belthazor)