Energy Bubbles
Power Information

Blasts a powerful sphere made out of energy.






Offensive/Defensive Power

"This power is going to cost me an entire life!"
Lestat after inadvertently destroying basement.

Energy Bubbles is the ability to generate energetic bubble-like spheres, it's considered to be an offensive, and often lethal ability. With more experience and practice, it could possibly further more into development of this power , the user of the ability can use it defensively as well.


  • Blast a sphere of energy which usually vanquishes the opponent.
  • Creating a protective bubble to defend oneself from attacks.
  • Creating a shield around oneself's hand to deflect attacks.
  • Generating and manipulating a protective bubble to defend others.


This ability is unpredictable, and requires great control over it, as well as skill. Furthermore, it can be dangerous in the environment, and can cause physical harms on its targets which usually leads to death or vanquishing.

As shown by Lestat, the trigger to the power is anger, and he had big difficulties during the adaptation to the power and gaining control. He usually destroyed objects around him whenever he got angry, and due to his inability to use the power, couldn't properly fight opponents. This power also affected his other powers, which is very similar to how Piper was trying to get used to her new power.

Manners Of UsingEdit

Offensive MannerEdit

The primary usage of the power is offensive. The user of the power can generate a blast that usually vanquishes its target or eventually sweeps it off their feet, due to causing a ripple effect. However, the voltage and efficiency of the ability greatly depends of the strength and skill of its possessor. Also, it has been demonstrated that the power is useful in destroying objects, as seen when Lestat blasted a giant energy bubble which nearly destroyed entire basement, though his intention was to telekinetically bring into his hands a bottle of champagne.

Defensive MannerEdit

Defensive manner is a secondary manner of using. Defensive manner develops after gaining control over the actual power. Defensive use of the power is manifold. First of all, it allows to its possessor to simulate the power of Shielding, as well as Deflection. As shown by Lestat, the power allowed him to generate a huge energy bubble, using hand gesture, which deflected incoming fire ball. He later sent energy bubble flying into the demon who attacked him, which represents the combination of manners. Equally, Lestat can generate an energy bubble to protect others, but it requires use of Telekinesis, since he can't fully manipulate this power to protect others. Another variant of defensive use is deflecting and deviating attacks by creating a shield around oneself's palm, which is highly similar to the power of Deflection. This is the last and the final degree of mastering defensive manner, as well as mastering the whole power. Lestat accidentally discovered that he's able to selectively shield body parts, after he tried to telekinetically deviate an energy beam.

List of UsersEdit

Witches Stolen

Lestat Halliwell

Robyn, Abraxas, Azazel