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This wiki is based on Halliwell/Warren's progeny and the fanfic characters derived from the existing ones. The wiki consists of many elements from Charmed, as well as many other TV Shows and novels.

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Featured Power

Beaming is the ability to teleport through pinkish beams that originate from the heart. This form of teleportation is possessed exclusively by Cupids and Cupid-Witches. Read More...

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Elena Montgomery is a powerful witch and a widow of Wyatt Halliwell, with whom she had four children: Lestat, Patricia, Paul and Perla Halliwell. Elena has no any siblings, but has the adoptive brother, who is a mortal. Read More...

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Cupid is a Dancer is the first episode of ninth season and the first episode not to feature the Charmed Ones, but their offspring.

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