Power Information

Teleport oneself from one place to another through pinkish beams.


Think of destination.




Teleportation Power


Beaming is the ability to teleport through pinkish beams that originate from the heart. This form of teleportation is possessed exclusively by Cupids and Cupid-Witches.

As a protection of evil, Beaming is the only way to enter Cupid's Temple, the residence of all Cupids.

Varieties of BeamingEdit

Beaming, just like all other teleportation abilities, allows the user to teleport anywhere in the world, the universe and planes. Cupids transport from place to place by mentally picturing the desired destination. Users usually fade away in a bright pink glow which originates from the heart, quickly reappearing to a desired location.

Some cupids naturally possess this power, such as Coop, who passed it on his daughter Prue.

Cupid RingEdit

Cupid ring is a powerful magical artifact empowered with vast of cupid powers, Beaming among others, and as its name suggests, it is possessed only by Cupids, who are considered to be messengers of love.

Teleportation through Cupid Ring is the same as teleportation possessed by natural users, which implies reddish or pinkish light during teleportation process.

Variations of BeamingEdit

Remote BeamingEdit

Remote Beaming is seemingly the same as a regular Beaming, though it is one of variations. Remote Beaming is used to teleport living beings by establishing and maintaining the physical contact with them.

Telekinetic BeamingEdit

Telekinetic Beaming is the ability to teleport and move objects with the use of mind. This power is exclusive to Cupid-Witches. However, not all of them will eventually develop this power.